A flavor unlike any you've ever experienced…
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What is an Electronic Cigarette? Click here to find out
Green Smoke, Inc. is known as the "Flavor Guru" of the electronic cigarette industry, and the moment you take a puff from their cigarette, you'll understand why. It's a taste that's so rich and flavorful, you’ll wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner.
Each of Green Smoke's industry leading kits contains everything you need to start enjoying the rich flavor of Green Smoke® e-cigs. Choose your kit now.
Express Kit $89.99 $109.00
Pro Kit $129.99 $193.96
Ultimate Kit $159.99 $239.91
What are Electronic Cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that look and feel just like traditional cigarettes and are smoked exactly the same way. However, instead of cigarette smoke they only emit a pleasant smelling, flavored vapor. This vapor feels just like traditional cigarette, but has no offensive cigarette odor, allowing you to smoke in places cigarettes are normally banned.
what is an electronic cigarette